RIJK, Logo design

So happy I can show the redesign of the corporate identity of Stichting RIJK. Logo, website, email signature you name it everything was redesigned by me.

In the briefing for the logo a few requirements were stated. These were:

  • Contrast with previous logo
  • Iconic
  • Smart
  • Simplicity

But I also had to keep in mind what the story is of the organisation. Their primary business is to provide purchasing experts for Dutch municipalities. Their story could be boiled down to three points.

  • Personal
  • Expertise
  • Connecting

The purchasing experts of RIJK work in a close relationship with the staff of the municipalities. Connecting the buyers (the municipalities) and the sellers.

With the logo I tried to focus on connecting. The quarter circles give a sense of connecting. The round shapes also are upbeat and give an air of positivity. The green quarter circles are like green grass. The grass that is prevalent in the geographic area where RIJK works.

The logo is not obvious. Not in your face, but invites to investigate en look and research. A smart logo.

Here you can find the color scheme which leans heavily on grass colors. With the dutch words, Deep Green, Grass, Growth and Thistle.

The grey and black&white logo.

A novel way for a business card. Personalized phone case with business card QR code.

Business Card on Phone Case RIJK
Business Card on Phone Case RIJK