A monument for all Soccer Players

Big Ball In the Water Monument

Today I came across this. Two balls were lying in the water.

I was thinking of all the times me or one of my friends shot a soccer ball in the water. Most the times we used rocks to let the balls drift to the shore. The waves of the rocks would make the ball move. It was always tricky because you did not want to get wet. In the picture above I suspect there was an effort to get one ball with the other one. The best way was with a rake. That would get the ball easily out. Sometimes it was impossible and we had to give up. The ball floated away to distant shore. Yes we suffered when we were young.

So that is why I propose a monument. A monument for what all soccer players go through in their playing life.  Would it not be great to have such a big ball in park pool somewhere. I can even imagine that we would put in a few dozen little ones as well floating around the big one as planets around a sun. This monument will serve as a big reminder of the little setbacks we experience in our life.



I also made a meme out of it.



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