AI Takes Over the Silver Screen

Last Friday, I attended the AI Film Fest and watched over 40 videos that were all made with AI to varying degrees. Connected to this AI Film Fest was a prize for the best (short) film, largely made with the help of AI. It was a fascinating experience to see all those videos from creators from so many countries. A few things stood out to me:

Story, Story, Story!

Most importantly: regardless of the medium used, the story is central. You can make the most impressive images, but without good storytelling, a video quickly becomes boring. Or put another way: a video with a few simple characters can still be very exciting and interesting with a good story.

Many videos were about post-apocalyptic world views in which humanity is almost extinct, whether or not due to AI. I also see that a lot with people who create images with AI. Apparently, that’s a genre that appeals to creatives working with AI. Personally, I prefer the here and now… but tastes differ.

AI video is almost there

Voice-over techniques were also used extensively, often with an AI-generated voice. That makes sense, because synchronizing a mouth and body movements in an AI video is technically challenging, although possible. If a mouth moved at all, it often had a kind of South Park feeling of a pasted moving mouth on a static image.

There were also a few entries that used hybrid techniques where AI video and real video were used interchangeably. That worked quite well.

AI video is currently undergoing a very rapid development, but it is still far from perfect. From my own experience, I know, and this applies to many AI tools, that the degree of control you have over the outcome is a continuous back and forth between the AI and the creator. Especially with video: although camera movements (zoom, rotate) are already possible, there is often something that goes wrong with the consistency in the displayed image.

All the more impressive is what all these creatives have shown. A nice overview of the state of AI video, and this is just the beginning of the development of a whole new art form.

Below you will find the links with the winner of the AIFilmFest and other short films. What do you think of these short films?

The winner:


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