Balloon Letter M

A balloon has an organic shape. It has round voluptuous shapes. Air wants to escape and is confined by the foil, the air presses on the inside and create the shape of the balloon. I wanted to do something with a balloon because it has a certain mystique. Mysticism means contact with a higher power. A balloon wants to go to heaven, escape from earthly. It has a shape, but actually only consists of air. When the air is out, the shape has disappeared. The air mixes again with the environment.

I made two things. An image where the balloon is modeled with string and spout. In addition, I made a short animation with foil balloons that are tight in their skin. The balloons are slightly wrinkly just like a real foil balloon has. A spout and a string would complete the animation … I’ll save that for the next time.


Balloon Letter M

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