Emty Concrete canal

I was working on a visual about a canal in the Netherlands. During the creation I tried various things. I look at the materials (textures) that I can use, which camera angle, light, etc. The idea is to have a canal that already contains water but you can also see the bottom. This process is always a bit messy. It is especially difficult to find the right materials in one go so that it has the right appearance. Nevertheless, something exciting always happens. This time too.

This visual gives me a rather desolate feeling. A canal of concrete that goes into the depth. A wall of ice / glass that you can not go through. If you look closely you can see a shadow on the other side of the wall. On the right in the corner is a red bucket. The light shines through the ice. You see that especially very well if you look at a distance. From close by it is a large white area.

Incidentally, the red bucket is placed there for many reasons. It gives an a view of the proportions . Thanks to the bucket, it is clear how big the walls are. Second, it gives a form of contrast, especially thanks to the color. Thirdly, it also evokes amazement and the viewer starts asking himself: ‘What is the bucket doing there?’. And yes, what does that bucket do? You can think of that yourself ….

Click on the image below to see it bigger.
Concrete Canal with Big Ice Block

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