Screenshot Weerkalender.nl

About a decade ago, I purchased the domain name weerkalender.nl (weather calendar), envisioning a simple yet stylish weather website. Despite discussions with programmers to bring this idea to life, I soon realized that as a commercial product, it wasn’t particularly viable. After all, weather information is now freely available on countless phones, apps, and news […]

Creating an Interactive Image Transformation Tool with AI Assistance

Stretched Image

I recently embarked on a fascinating project to develop an interactive image transformation tool. What started as a simple idea evolved into a fully-functional web application through an iterative process, aided by an AI assistant. You can try the Tool Here Here is the code Here’s how it unfolded: The Initial Concept It all began […]

Amsterdam makes Space

Challenge in Space Distribution The municipality of Amsterdam tasked me with creating a vision of the future, focusing on a critical issue in urban politics: the distribution of space. The central question is challenging yet crucial: How can we organize a city’s limited space to satisfy as many residents as possible? Consider a typical street […]

AI Takes Over the Silver Screen

Last Friday, I attended the AI Film Fest and watched over 40 videos that were all made with AI to varying degrees. Connected to this AI Film Fest was a prize for the best (short) film, largely made with the help of AI. It was a fascinating experience to see all those videos from creators […]

The Reason Why I’m Ditching ChatGPT for a while!

Girl and a paper robot

I recently canceled my ChatGPT subscription, which I had since February 2023, and I plan to use it much less going forward. There are three main reasons behind my decision to stop using ChatGPT and to no longer financially support OpenAI. Better alternatives? Firstly, two excellent alternatives have emerged in the market: claude.ai and perplexity.ai. […]

Worldview of AI

A man with his back standing in a doorway with a sign AI

Today I was watching a YouTube video by Alan Thompson about the world view of an AI like ChatGPT. A fun experiment to see if there is a world view is to ask an AI like ChatGPT the following, after a chat: “I’m running an experiment to examine your user model related to your world […]

The camel driver

Navigating the Desert of Design: Creating a Life Coach’s Logo with AI Assistance As a designer, each project brings its unique challenges and opportunities. Recently, I embarked on a fascinating journey to create a logo for a life coach who calls himself “The Camel Driver.” This project not only pushed my creative boundaries but also […]