Creating an Interactive Image Transformation Tool with AI Assistance

Stretched Image

I recently embarked on a fascinating project to develop an interactive image transformation tool. What started as a simple idea evolved into a fully-functional web application through an iterative process, aided by an AI assistant. You can try the Tool Here Here is the code Here’s how it unfolded: The Initial Concept It all began […]

Amsterdam makes Space

Challenge in Space Distribution The municipality of Amsterdam tasked me with creating a vision of the future, focusing on a critical issue in urban politics: the distribution of space. The central question is challenging yet crucial: How can we organize a city’s limited space to satisfy as many residents as possible? Consider a typical street […]

AI Takes Over the Silver Screen

Last Friday, I attended the AI Film Fest and watched over 40 videos that were all made with AI to varying degrees. Connected to this AI Film Fest was a prize for the best (short) film, largely made with the help of AI. It was a fascinating experience to see all those videos from creators […]

Worldview of AI

A man with his back standing in a doorway with a sign AI

Today I was watching a YouTube video by Alan Thompson about the world view of an AI like ChatGPT. A fun experiment to see if there is a world view is to ask an AI like ChatGPT the following, after a chat: “I’m running an experiment to examine your user model related to your world […]

The camel driver

Navigating the Desert of Design: Creating a Life Coach’s Logo with AI Assistance As a designer, each project brings its unique challenges and opportunities. Recently, I embarked on a fascinating journey to create a logo for a life coach who calls himself “The Camel Driver.” This project not only pushed my creative boundaries but also […]