Portrait of Joost

I made this portrait of my friend Joost. We go way back…I have known him for about 25 years. I have a memory of him that he was tied up on a pole wearing a toga….(long story..something..something…fraternity). But I also see him who is actively seeking spiritual liberation.

Amsterdam Canal Dragon

The Amsterdam Canal Dragon

This is my application for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020. What is slumbering there in the Canals of Amsterdam? An unforeseen consequence: The dragon has been awoken. Rumors of his existence were always there. Spotty pictures of a white water beast emerged sporadically. Most people claimed it was an urban legend. But now everyone must face the truth. It is …

portrait of alexander van den berg

Portrait of my brother

This a portrait of my big brother, the fourth one in my series. My brother had tough time the past two years with a divorce. So now he is standing on one leg in Balance. Two houses depict the two households that there are now. The three lampposts are his kids. The big crane means reconstruction of his life, as …

Ocean in Glass Sphere

Ocean in glass sphere

This work that I made is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch. I visited the Hieronymus Bosch exhibition in Den Bosch a few years ago and I was struck by the sheer beauty of it all. One of his works called ‘The Garden of Earthly Delight‘ is a triptych oil painting. Which means that it consists of 3 panels which can be …

4 frames selfportrait dimitry berg

4 selfportraits

I fooled around with an app called Bellus3d. It gives you the possibility to make a 3d scan of your head with an iPhone x. The scan can be imported in several 3d programs, which I promptly did. So I made several self portraits. One of them looks painted, which I am really proud of. Most of the time I …

Portrait of Joris de Rijk

Portrait of Joris

This number 3 in my series of portraits that I am making. This is a portrait of my good friend Joris. He is a life coach who as you can see in the portrait loves to surf. My previous portraits were more realistic. In the sense that my father and Jorrit are more or less possible in real life. With …

Portrait of Hans van den Berg

Portrait of my dad

This is my 2nd portrait that I made. This one was really hard to make. Mainly because it is a portrait of my dad. When I do a portrait I want the one who is being portrayed be pleased with what I made. But if they are not pleased, I am not overly disappointed, things like style and taste differ. …

Portrait of Jorrit Timmermans

Portrait of Jorrit

This is a portrait of my good friend Jorrit. Jorrit is a photographer and someone who is an all-round Handyman. This is the first one in a series of portraits I am making. When handing over his portrait I interviewed him. He was really touched by the way I portrayed him and as an artist that is the reaction you …

Don't Walk Traffic Light Installation Amsterdam Light Festival 2018

Don’t Walk Installation for Amsterdam Light Festival

This is my application for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018. This year I was not selected to go through the second round. The theme for 2018 is ‘The Medium is the Message. Below you can read the description of my light installation called ‘Don’t Walk’. Do you dare to walk through or will you wait and obey? In the middle …

Eclips Wide


Sometimes I am just inspired by a certain shape. In this case it is rings. I will just make a series of visuals with rings. Exploring different techniques and styles. This one is inspired by the recent solar eclips.   These stars have a seventies hand drawn vibe.   An eye in the distance, up close little spikes.