KOOLE contractors

Koole Barge 3d render

I have done some work for a big Dutch Salvage company called KOOLE contractors. Most work I did was for their international Maritime Salvage branch. Which means they clean up shipwrecks around the world. The size of the machines they use is impressive. My main job was to visualize and animate their new and innovative concepts. The owner of the company mr. Koole is very keen on developing innovative but ‘cheap’ solutions for difficult Salvage problems. So I can not show all my work I made for them yet. Some are still in development. But I can show you the animation down below that I made. This is one of the solutions proposed by KOOLE to remove containers from the North Sea Seabed that are accidentally dropped their.

Portrait of my brother

portrait of alexander van den berg

This a portrait of my big brother, the fourth one in my series. My brother had tough time the past two years with a divorce. So now he is standing on one leg in Balance. Two houses depict the two households that there are now. The three lampposts are his kids. The big crane means […]

Two Motion Capture Animations

Falling Man Mocap

Brushing up on my motion capture skills. But I must admit that nowadays it is a lot easier to apply motion capture data then a few years ago. samba fluid from Dimitry Berg – Brainbulb on Vimeo. Falling Man from Dimitry Berg – Brainbulb on Vimeo.

4 selfportraits

4 frames selfportrait dimitry berg

I fooled around with an app called Bellus3d. It gives you the possibility to make a 3d scan of your head with an iPhone x. The scan can be imported in several 3d programs, which I promptly did. So I made several self portraits. One of them looks painted, which I am really proud of. […]

RIJK Sustainable Public Procurement Poster

Rijk MVI Poster

I also designed a poster that was inserted in the Rijk magazine. This poster represents the flow of sustainable public procurement. Flowcharts are of course a simplified representation of the procedures/steps people within an organisation have to take. The simplification always leads to discussion. How can you simplify complex things? In this case the flowchart […]

Rijk Magazine

Rijk Magazine MVI

For Stichting RIJK I developed and designed the concept of this Corporate Magazine. Stichting RIJK is a purchase organisation for several municipalities in the Netherlands. Stichting RIJK wanted to show their stakeholders what their added value is. We choose to make a magazine with a relevant theme. This theme is Sustainable Public Procurement (in Dutch: […]

All of Bach

All of Bach Bumper

For the Dutch Bach Society I made this bumper for their project called ‘All of Bach‘. With this project they will record on video all of Bach’s works. This bumper will be played as an intro on those video’s. In the briefing the Dutch Bach Society wanted to show that different musicians make Bach come […]

“De innerlijke bevrijding” Animation

I made an animation for the spiritual coach Arjen Slijp. Arjen has developed a method called “De Innerlijke Bevrijding”, which means “Inner Liberation”. He has described this method in his book. In addition, he regularly makes videos in which he tells about his method. He can use this animation as an opening for his YouTube […]

Experimenting with Virtual Reality

Korean K-pop Dancer 3d

I have been deepening my knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) for a while now and the possible applications for it. I owned an Oculus Rift sdk2 (2018 update: I own an Oculus Rift now).  But this year, 2016, is the year of VR with the launch of the consumer version of two VR glasses the […]

Velo Vintage Logo Animation

velo vintage intro wheel

For Velo Vintage I made this logo animation. Velo Vintage is a company that refurbishes classic road bikes and gives them a whole new vintage look. So they are vintage and new at the same time …! The owner of Velo Vintage is also a photographer and regularly makes videos on Youtube in which he […]