Shirt with Banana

Banana Shirt For Sale

For sale only for a limited time.  Showed off by my bald headed mannequin in an empty room. A banana looks mundane, but it is a symbol of empowerment and nutrition. Buy this Banana Shirt now and combine art and whatever… Show the world you care about Bananas!!!!!!  Oh and don’t forget the Great Commercial that will be accompanying …

Balloon Letter M


A balloon has an organic shape. It has round voluptuous shapes. Air wants to escape and is confined by the foil, the air presses on the inside and create the shape of the balloon. I wanted to do something with a balloon because it has a certain mystique. Mysticism means contact with a higher power. A balloon wants to go …

Rainbow Neon

Rainbow Neon

I love neon. Neon light fascinates me. I have a Pinterest page where I collect the most beautiful Neons. This time I wanted to make a combination of Neon and the colors of the rainbow. It looks rather trippy. In addition, the separate visual is also very successful. I now have it as a wallpaper on my computer and the colors …

Billboard in the clouds

Dutch Light

I was working on an illustration for a friend. I came up with the idea of ​​doing something with clouds. I live on the fifth floor and from my house I can see the sky splendor every day. I also find the old masters and their clouds with the ‘Dutch light‘ always very beautiful. So I have made an attempt …

Running Woman Red Wireframe

Running to Transform

Running to transform is a video that is made to combine the different techniques into one smooth animation. There are 10 transformations. The running movement is a so-called motion capture. This movement is bound to a character in a 3d environment. The character is, as it were, a puppet who faithfully follows the movements of the motion capture. I find …

Legs Monochrome


I have submitted the above image for a competition. The assignment was to make a monochrome image in 3d. I think I have succeeded greatly. The line of the legs from left to right. The accentuation of the light. Unfortunately, I did not win but I became second. Still a good result. Inspired by the competition, I continued with the …

van gogh museum poster framed

The branding of the Van Gogh Museum

When I worked at Museum Het Dolhuys we had an Exhibition about Vincent van Gogh. The question that the Exhibition tried to address was whether he was a genius or a madmen.  We could not give a straight answer because that is not really possible on hindsight. What we did do was, research what all the experts were saying or had …

Paperman in A paperworld

Paper World

Animation of a world in paper where a guy is moving around on stairs…Will he jump? Climbing Man in Paperworld from Dimitry van den Berg on Vimeo.


Running Snowman

Experimenting with rigging and motion capture files. It looks like an abstract snowman who gives of yellowish snow… Running Abstract Snowman from Dimitry van den Berg on Vimeo.

south park jesus

South Park Spoof Wisdom of the day

I am a big fan of South Park and I found a tutorial how to make a South Park animation. The tutorial is about 20 minutes but it took me 4-5 hours to make it. Eventually I pulled it off nicely. I see some details that could be better. Maybe next time. South Park spoof wisdom of the day from …