Rembrandt in 3 Dimensions


Made this video of Rembrandt. It has a 3d effect that is used in all kinds of television programs around the world. It works with what is called a displacement map. This is a height map that you place over the 2d picture. You make that height map yourself with guessing what the heights are. […]

Earth Calling

earth calling

I made these video to practice lighting and simulation/dynamics. It took me about 12 hours to make and about 10 hours to render. I had some real trouble with the breaking mug but after some feedback I received on a forum I tackled that as well. The most important things to pay attention too are: […]

Mediamarkt 100% Discount

Ik ben gek mediamarkt

I made this fake Mediamarkt commercial. I saw a commercial on the television last week and the Commercials of the Mediamarkt are always very loud and obnoxious. I thought I had enough skills to copy the look and feel of the Mediamarkt commercials. I think I pulled it of nicely (not 100% but 90%). I […]

Fun with Escher


I am an Escher fan since my childhood. I visited the Escher museum recently and there are all kinds of ‘impossible’ figures/objects. I made one myself and I think I will try to make more. It is fun to do.

Life is pointless

Life is Pointless

A small booklet about life, inspired by my meditation practice and life. On a website someone said that life is pointless. I agree but I am not a cynic and I love life. Life has no point and that is what sets you free. Life is the experience, the experience is life. Large Screen and […]

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Filled with Hot Air

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

An Orange Balloon Dog made by Jeff Koons Sold for $58.4M yesterday. The balloon is probably filled with hot air. So I made this video in response to this news (and with update).  

Zen Posters

I meditate on and off for about 10 years now. The last 3 years almost daily with an occasional break when I am on vacation. Meditation keeps me more focused, calm, open minded and more in tune with my own emotions and needs. I am not into any specific tradition but most literature I have […]

The 5 Most Persuasive Words

he 5 Most Persuasive Words in English

I read an article about copy writing the other day. The author, Gregory Ciotti, stated that the 5 most persuasive words in English are: You Free Because Instantly New With persuasive the author means…WORDS THAT SELL. It is a nice article. Sure there is room for debate. Because I could think of other persuasive words that will or can […]

A monument for all Soccer Players

Big Ball In the Water Monument

Today I came across this. Two balls were lying in the water. I was thinking of all the times me or one of my friends shot a soccer ball in the water. Most the times we used rocks to let the balls drift to the shore. The waves of the rocks would make the ball […]

Do not touch

Don't Touch Buttons

I have worked for 8 years in the museum world, so I have seen a lot of museums and their art. I like museums, I like what they do, represent and what they try to achieve. But museum have their constraints in the way they present their art. Sometimes museum feel like a police state, […]