Amsterdam makes Space

Challenge in Space Distribution The municipality of Amsterdam tasked me with creating a vision of the future, focusing on a critical issue in urban politics: the distribution of space. The central question is challenging yet crucial: How can we organize a city’s limited space to satisfy as many residents as possible? Consider a typical street […]

The camel driver

Navigating the Desert of Design: Creating a Life Coach’s Logo with AI Assistance As a designer, each project brings its unique challenges and opportunities. Recently, I embarked on a fascinating journey to create a logo for a life coach who calls himself “The Camel Driver.” This project not only pushed my creative boundaries but also […]

Golden Ray Wreck Removal Animation

Golden Ray Salvage Render

In the world of maritime salvage, complex operations require innovative solutions and clear communication. Recently, I had the opportunity to create an animation for KOOLE, a prominent salvage company, showcasing their proposed method for removing the stranded car transport ship, Golden Ray. This project not only challenged my technical skills but also highlighted the crucial […]

RIJK, Logo design

As a designer, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a complete corporate identity redesign come to life. I’m thrilled to share my recent work for Stichting RIJK, where I had the opportunity to revamp everything from their logo to their website and email signatures. The Design Brief:The client’s requirements for the new logo were […]

Dolfinarium Slides

dolfinarium slides wimmelbuilder style

Dolfinarium is Europe’s largest marine mammal park. They asked me to make a 3d illustration to promote their new water slides. I modeled their new water slides and tried several perspectives to capture the full size. This proved to be tricky, the water slides of Dolfinarium are huge, and have pretty complex shapes. I eventually […]

Sky Dive Albert Heijn

One of the other visuals I made for Albert Heijn was called Skydive. This was made for an invoicing project within their organisation. This image had to convey to take a leap of faith in the new project. In the image a cartoon figure jumps out of an airplane followed by big number of papers […]

Shrink Albert Heijn

Shrink Albert Heijn

I have made a few visuals for Albert Heijn for an internal presentation. This visual addresses the so called Shrinkage. Shrinkage means inventory loss. This loss can happen due to theft but also due to Shelf life or expiration date. Simply said, Shrink costs Money. So this visual shows that Shrink means throwing money away. […]

Procurement land, Dutch Government

I recently completed an exciting project: creating a map of “Inkoopland” (Procurement Land) in Dutch. This unique map was commissioned by a collaboration of government agencies with a specific goal in mind – to provide people working within Dutch municipalities a clearer understanding of the procurement lexicon. The concept behind this map is both educational […]

Klimaatgesprekken Flyer and Banner

Over time, I’ve been working with the Dutch branch of  Carbon Conversations known as Klimaatgesprekken. Noticing their branding was inconsistent, I took the initiative to create a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide covers six essential elements: The Story, Logo, Colors, Typography, Images, and Tone of Voice. After thorough discussions, we compiled this guide, which […]

Roc Top a chat about the future

ROC TOP chat

For ROC-TOP, a big school in the Amsterdam region, I made this video. This video presented the conclusion of a big meeting at this school. In this video the Head of ROC-TOP dicusses with an embodiement of the school, the future of that school. ROC TOP: EEN CHAT over de toekomst from Dimitry Berg – […]