Dolfinarium Slides

dolfinarium slides wimmelbuilder style

Dolfinarium is Europe’s largest marine mammal park. They asked me to make a 3d illustration to promote their new water slides. I modeled their new water slides and tried several perspectives to capture the full size. This proved to be tricky, the water slides of Dolfinarium are huge, and have pretty complex shapes. I eventually […]

Sky Dive Albert Heijn

One of the other visuals I made for Albert Heijn was called Skydive. This was made for an invoicing project within their organisation. This image had to convey to take a leap of faith in the new project. In the image a cartoon figure jumps out of an airplane followed by big number of papers […]

Shrink Albert Heijn

Shrink Albert Heijn

I have made a few visuals for Albert Heijn for an internal presentation. This visual addresses the so called Shrinkage. Shrinkage means inventory loss. This loss can happen due to theft but also due to Shelf life or expiration date. Simply said, Shrink costs Money. So this visual shows that Shrink means throwing money away. […]

KOOLE contractors

Koole Barge 3d render

I have done some work for a big Dutch Salvage company called KOOLE contractors. Most work I did was for their international Maritime Salvage branch. Which means they clean up shipwrecks around the world. The size of the machines they use is impressive. My main job was to visualize and animate their new and innovative concepts. The owner of the company mr. Koole is very keen on developing innovative but ‘cheap’ solutions for difficult Salvage problems. So I can not show all my work I made for them yet. Some are still in development. But I can show you the animation down below that I made. This is one of the solutions proposed by KOOLE to remove containers from the North Sea Seabed that are accidentally dropped their.

The Amsterdam Canal Dragon

Amsterdam Canal Dragon

This is my application for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020. What is slumbering there in the Canals of Amsterdam? An unforeseen consequence: The dragon has been awoken. Rumors of his existence were always there. Spotty pictures of a white water beast emerged sporadically. Most people claimed it was an urban legend. But now everyone must […]

Klimaatgesprekken Flyer and Banner

Over time, I’ve been working with the Dutch branch of  Carbon Conversations known as Klimaatgesprekken. Noticing their branding was inconsistent, I took the initiative to create a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide covers six essential elements: The Story, Logo, Colors, Typography, Images, and Tone of Voice. After thorough discussions, we compiled this guide, which […]

Don’t Walk Installation for Amsterdam Light Festival

Don't Walk Traffic Light Installation Amsterdam Light Festival 2018

This is my application for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018. This year I was not selected to go through the second round. The theme for 2018 is ‘The Medium is the Message. Below you can read the description of my light installation called ‘Don’t Walk’. Do you dare to walk through or will you wait […]

Disneyland Ride Competition: The Soap Box Race

soapbox car competition disney donald duck

My son is an avid Donald Duck Magazine reader. It is one of the most popular magazines in The Netherlands, and still going strong after 65 years. My dad read the Donald Duck, I read it and now my son is reading it. They had a competition to celebrate their 65th birthday. You could win […]

The Cost of 3d Artwork

Studio Render Look

I would happily make some artwork on commission. My artwork can be used as an illustration in a magazine, book or website.  Al my artwork is digitally made. It is made on my computer in a virtual 3d photo studio. I call my work often 3d artwork, because the virtual photo studio enables me to […]

Desk Lamp Hood

Desk Lamp Hood

This desklamp is made of sturdy red and white plastic. The height would be approximately 30cm’s. The idea is that the white hood could be moved around and forward to direct the light. The impression that the lamp gives is like a hooded woman.   Note: This is one of many studies for a lamp […]