hydra desk lamp

Hydra Desk Lamp

The hydra desk Lamp is inspired by the mythology of the many headed water snake called Hydra.  The desk lamp would be made of a flexible metal which can be bend in all directions. You could even bend it around a pole. The metal is sturdy enough to carry the weight of 3 bulbs without flexing. The 3 bulbs could …

bulbed pendant lamp

Bulbed Pendant Lamp

This pendant lamp is made of white semi transparent half spheres. This will make the light more diffuse and magical. This would be rather large lamp with a height of 60/70 cm and a diamter of 40/30cm.     Note: This is one of many studies for a lamp design. I have more ideas then I can eventually produce in …

Dragon Tooth Desk Lamp

Dragon Tooth Desk Lamp

This is desk Lamp based upon a tooth. I can not recall how I exactly came upon the idea. But the shape of a big tooth popped into my mind when I made this design. The point of the tooth supports the small lamp. The lamp can be pointed in different directions with the small stick at the end. The …

Floating Bulb in Copper Mesh Hood

Floating Bulb in Copper Mesh Hood

This lamp made of copper wire is a way to present out of the box thinking. In this case the shape of the copper mesh embraces the lamp…nut is essence not necessary. The bulb hangs from the ceiling spreading its light. While I like my own idea very much, I don’t think it is practical.

head porcelain lightbulb out of mouth


The matrix is strong in this one. The brain is connected to the wire, spreading the light with the mouth. The mouth is wide open keeps the bulb fixed between the teeth. This head would be made of ceramic and have real-life dimensions.

Desk Lamp Hood

Desk Lamp Hood

This desklamp is made of sturdy red and white plastic. The height would be approximately 30cm’s. The idea is that the white hood could be moved around and forward to direct the light. The impression that the lamp gives is like a hooded woman.   Note: This is one of many studies for a lamp design. I have more ideas …

Rocket Tree Lamp

This rockettree is made out of stainless steel with a chrome coating. The shape is hybrid between a man and a tree.

Castle Concrete Nightlight

Concrete Castle Nightlight

This is a study for a concrete castle nightlight. This design will be made of concrete and shine trough fabric. The size will be about 20cm in height and 15cm in width. This nightlight would work on batteries and would be very suitable for a children’s room. The shape of the castle gives it a playful character. In this way …

Lifted Sphere Outside Lamp

Lifted Sphere

This lamp is made of concrete and glass. It is a spherical shaped lamp with a radius of 50cm. There is a big contrast between the upper half of the sphere, which is from glass and floating, and the lower half which is concrete.   Note: This is one of many studies for a lamp design. I have more ideas …

Cubed Lamp

Cubed Lamp Design

This is a study for a cubed shaped lamp design. This design will be made of ceramic. The cubes are about 5cm in size. So the whole lampstand will be about 70cm in height and 25cm in width. I wanted the design to look a bit unstable just like a stack of Jenga pieces. But in reality the cubes are …