Dolfinarium Slides

dolfinarium slides wimmelbuilder style

Dolfinarium is Europe’s largest marine mammal park. They asked me to make a 3d illustration to promote their new water slides. I modeled their new water slides and tried several perspectives to capture the full size. This proved to be tricky, the water slides of Dolfinarium are huge, and have pretty complex shapes. I eventually settled for an isometric perspective.

With an isometric perspective the things in front are as large as the things in the back. This perspective is often used to make maps, especially of theme parks, museums and zoo’s. After I had chosen this isometric perspective I just filled up the environment with some little surprises. This style is called Wimmelbilder. This style means that this illustration is filled with characters, animals and other items that may be discovered.

The artist Hieronymus Bosch, which i greatly admire, is one of the founders of the Wimmelbilder style. It worked out well. I hope that the children who come across this illustration like it as well.

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