Experimenting with Virtual Reality

Korean K-pop Dancer 3d

I have been deepening my knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) for a while now and the possible applications for it. I owned an Oculus Rift sdk2 (2018 update: I own an Oculus Rift now).  But this year, 2016, is the year of VR with the launch of the consumer version of two VR glasses the HTC vive and the Oculus Rift. In addition, you also see the emergence of 360-degree videos that make it possible to look around. These 360 ​​degree videos can be in 3D as well as in normal 2d. On Youtube you can already find a lot of 360-degree videos. In addition, many games are developed that can use VR. For games it is ‘easy’ to take the step from 3d to PC to 3d with glasses. I suspect, and many with me, that a whole new entertainment industry is going to arise where the viewer is totally immersed in the virtual experience. Now you mainly see developments in games and video. But there is a good chance that there will be a hybrid form of seeing and experiencing a story but also interacting with the story.

Now I have also experimented with both games and video. I have built some small interactive games, (which I do not share because of the miserable quality). However, I recently made a video that I still want to share with the world. On the internet a k-pop women’s group has been circulating for a while, dancing four in a 360-degree video. The video that I made is inspired by that. I call them my Korean triplets. It is not perfect. I would do many different things if I made it again. But it was fun!

Dit is de video die mij inspireerde

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