Klimaatgesprekken Flyer and Banner

Over time, I’ve been working with the Dutch branch of  Carbon Conversations known as Klimaatgesprekken. Noticing their branding was inconsistent, I took the initiative to create a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide covers six essential elements: The Story, Logo, Colors, Typography, Images, and Tone of Voice. After thorough discussions, we compiled this guide, which you can download and review using the link below.

Brand Style Guide KlimaatGesprekken in Dutch

Also as part of my work for Klimaatgesprekken, I designed a banner  and a flyer. The concept revolves around showcasing real people making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. We feature various examples, such as driving electric vehicles or choosing local holiday destinations. These images are presented as small puzzle pieces, symbolizing how we all contribute to the larger picture of climate impact reduction. The flyer includes a call-to-action: “Discover the workshops.”

klimaatgesprekken flyer people
klimaatgesprekken flyer people

I created another flyer for Klimaatgesprekken featuring a cartoon-style figure (shown above). This character is grappling with choices to lower their climate impact, specifically debating between chicken and cheese. While cheese is vegetarian, chicken actually has a lower climate impact. Cows produce significant methane and require more water, whereas chickens are more efficient in converting feed to meat.

For this design, I used a 3D engine to render the character. I modeled the cheese and chicken myself, while the base character was purchased. I then customized it with appropriate clothing and expressions to convey the intended emotion.

These projects demonstrate how design can effectively communicate complex environmental issues and encourage engagement with climate action initiatives.

chicken or cheese render
chicken or cheese render
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