Portrait of Jorrit

Portrait of Jorrit Timmermans

This is a portrait of my good friend Jorrit. Jorrit is a photographer and someone who is an all-round Handyman. This is the first one in a series of portraits I am making. When handing over his portrait I interviewed him. He was really touched by the way I portrayed him and as an artist that is the reaction you hope for.

In my work process I first took several pictures of him, then I recreated him in 3d. He thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot, especially the hair cap. But I need the face to be free of any visual obstructions. After converting him to a 3d person. I set the scene and did a lot of post work in Photoshop.  With the final result shown above. I really want to move away from photorealistic rendering, so I gave it the feeling of being painted.


Jorrit with hair cap
Jorrit with hair cap


jorrit in 3d
jorrit in 3d


final render jorrit
final render Jorrit
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