Portrait of my brother

portrait of alexander van den berg

This a portrait of my big brother, the fourth one in my series. My brother had tough time the past two years with a divorce. So now he is standing on one leg in Balance. Two houses depict the two households that there are now. The three lampposts are his kids. The big crane means reconstruction of his life, as well as his feet that are partially deconstructed.

I must admit that for this portrait was heavily influenced by the American Realist painter Bo Bartlett. I took his composition and made it my own. It took me time to figure out how he made this painting. The horizon is very low, but the person is in full view. This is only possible with a super tele lens in the 250mm-300mm range. Any other lens would give a frog like perspective.

Bo Bartlett the American
Bo Bartlett the American


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