Portrait of my dad

Portrait of Hans van den Berg

This is my 2nd portrait that I made. This one was really hard to make. Mainly because it is a portrait of my dad. When I do a portrait I want the one who is being portrayed be pleased with what I made. But if they are not pleased, I am not overly disappointed, things like style and taste differ. But with my dad it is a whole different ball game. Just felt like a kid again, who presents his drawing to his parents. Relationships with your parents can be complicated. I will be honest, I did not get the feeling he was overly excited about it.

I was greatly inspired by the milkmaid of Vermeer for this portrait. I tried to capture the light. I also wanted it to be entertaining with the little details you can see (just like Vermeer). A few details I am willing to explain. My dad was the owner of a chocolate company for a long time. That is why he is hammering on the big block of chocolate. My brother and I are also symbolized in the towels. My mother is also looming somewhere (look closely to find her). And he is born in Amsterdam.

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