Procurement land, Dutch Government

I recently completed an exciting project: creating a map of “Inkoopland” (Procurement Land) in Dutch. This unique map was commissioned by a collaboration of government agencies with a specific goal in mind – to provide people working within Dutch municipalities a clearer understanding of the procurement lexicon.

The concept behind this map is both educational and engaging. By visualizing procurement terms and concepts as geographical features, we’ve created a tool that makes learning about procurement more accessible and interesting. It’s designed to resemble a page from an atlas, where different highlights of a land are showcased. In this case, every city and place on the map has a direct link to the procurement lexicon.

One of the key objectives of this map is to encourage municipal workers to sign up for procurement courses. By presenting the information in this visually appealing and intriguing format, we hope to spark curiosity and motivate people to delve deeper into the world of procurement.

The map was printed in A3 format, allowing for a high level of detail and clarity. While the image shared here is a lower resolution version, the printed map offers a much more detailed view of Procurement Land.

This project demonstrates how creative approaches can make complex subjects more approachable. By turning procurement terminology into a geographical adventure, we’ve created a resource that’s not just informative, but also enjoyable to explore.

If you’re interested in seeing the full map in high resolution, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s a great example of how visual design can transform dry information into an engaging learning tool.

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