Rembrandt in 3 Dimensions


Made this video of Rembrandt. It has a 3d effect that is used in all kinds of television programs around the world. It works with what is called a displacement map. This is a height map that you place over the 2d picture. You make that height map yourself with guessing what the heights are. In a face the nose is in front, eyes in the back etc. The picture then kind of wraps itself around the height map to get a 3d look. It is limited and it distorts a bit. But I think it is rather cool. I will probably make some more. The autograph is also animated by me.

The painting can be found in “Het Rijksmuseum“, it is called¬†Self-portrait as the Apostle Paul. The music is by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck a Dutch renaissance composer who lived a few years before Rembrandt.


Rembrandt in 3 Dimensions. from Dimitry van den Berg on Vimeo.



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