All of Bach Bumper

All of Bach

For the Dutch Bach Society I made this bumper for their project called ‘All of Bach‘. With this project they will record on video all of Bach’s works. This bumper will be played as an intro on those video’s. In the briefing the Dutch Bach Society wanted to show that different musicians make Bach come alive. It also had to …

Korean K-pop Dancer 3d

Experimenting with Virtual Reality

I have been deepening my knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) for a while now and the possible applications for it. I owned an Oculus Rift sdk2 (2018 update: I own an Oculus Rift now).  But this year, 2016, is the year of VR with the launch of the consumer version of two VR glasses the HTC vive and the Oculus …

Shirt with Banana

Banana Shirt For Sale

For sale only for a limited time.  Showed off by my bald headed mannequin in an empty room. A banana looks mundane, but it is a symbol of empowerment and nutrition. Buy this Banana Shirt now and combine art and whatever… Show the world you care about Bananas!!!!!!  Oh and don’t forget the Great Commercial that will be accompanying …

Paperman in A paperworld

Paper World

Animation of a world in paper where a guy is moving around on stairs…Will he jump? Climbing Man in Paperworld from Dimitry van den Berg on Vimeo.


Running Snowman

Experimenting with rigging and motion capture files. It looks like an abstract snowman who gives of yellowish snow… Running Abstract Snowman from Dimitry van den Berg on Vimeo.


Rembrandt in 3 Dimensions

Made this video of Rembrandt. It has a 3d effect that is used in all kinds of television programs around the world. It works with what is called a displacement map. This is a height map that you place over the 2d picture. You make that height map yourself with guessing what the heights are. In a face the nose …

earth calling

Earth Calling

I made these video to practice lighting and simulation/dynamics. It took me about 12 hours to make and about 10 hours to render. I had some real trouble with the breaking mug but after some feedback I received on a forum I tackled that as well. The most important things to pay attention too are: Lighting (a dusk like attic …

Ik ben gek mediamarkt

Mediamarkt 100% Discount

I made this fake Mediamarkt commercial. I saw a commercial on the television last week and the Commercials of the Mediamarkt are always very loud and obnoxious. I thought I had enough skills to copy the look and feel of the Mediamarkt commercials. I think I pulled it of nicely (not 100% but 90%). I used my own voice, made …