Floating Bulb in Copper Mesh Hood

Floating Bulb in Copper Mesh Hood

This lamp made of copper wire is a way to present out of the box thinking. In this case the shape of the copper mesh embraces the lamp…nut is essence not necessary. The bulb hangs from the ceiling spreading its light. While I like my own idea very much, I don’t think it is practical.

Rocket Tree Lamp

This rockettree is made out of stainless steel with a chrome coating. The shape is hybrid between a man and a tree.

Light Pillar Installation UnU Snow

UnU Installation for Amsterdam Light Festival

I have applied for the Amsterdam Light Festival edition 2017. My application did get to the second round. But it has not been selected to be finalized. I don’t know the reason why ‘UnU’ has not been selected. I have mixed feelings about this endeavor. I am kind of proud of being selected in the first place. I also think …

Cubed Lamp

Cubed Lamp Design

This is a study for a cubed shaped lamp design. This design will be made of ceramic. The cubes are about 5cm in size. So the whole lampstand will be about 70cm in height and 25cm in width. I wanted the design to look a bit unstable just like a stack of Jenga pieces. But in reality the cubes are …

Acorn Shaped Lamp

Acorn Lamp Design

This is a study for an acorn shaped lamp design. This design will be made of glass and wood. The wood bottom resembles the acorn cap. The acorn cap has a bark structure on the outside. The glass resembles the nut. The glass consists of two parts a milk white part that diffuses the light and a transparant part that …

game polygon to design lamp

The design process of the Estis lamp

My design process flows from an initial idea and then creating an image of how I visualize the product on my computer. Next, the question arises: Can the design I’ve visualized be made? A computer offers unlimited creative freedom, but in the real physical world there are many restrictions. This was the case as I began to create the “Estis …

Copper Wire Mesh Hand Lamp

Copper Mesh Hand Lamp

This lamp made of copper wire keeps the light in the palm of his hand. The light is sacred object that has to be carried upwards. The arms comes out of nothing, just like light, it pops into existence. The height of this lamp would be about 90cm.

Shirt with Banana

Banana Shirt For Sale

For sale only for a limited time.  Showed off by my bald headed mannequin in an empty room. A banana looks mundane, but it is a symbol of empowerment and nutrition. Buy this Banana Shirt now and combine art and whatever… Show the world you care about Bananas!!!!!!  Oh and don’t forget the Great Commercial that will be accompanying …

van gogh museum poster framed

The branding of the Van Gogh Museum

When I worked at Museum Het Dolhuys we had an Exhibition about Vincent van Gogh. The question that the Exhibition tried to address was whether he was a genius or a madmen.  We could not give a straight answer because that is not really possible on hindsight. What we did do was, research what all the experts were saying or had …

Life is Pointless

Life is pointless

A small booklet about life, inspired by my meditation practice and life. On a website someone said that life is pointless. I agree but I am not a cynic and I love life. Life has no point and that is what sets you free. Life is the experience, the experience is life. Large Screen and size or click here for …