The camel driver

Navigating the Desert of Design: Creating a Life Coach’s Logo with AI Assistance As a designer, each project brings its unique challenges and opportunities. Recently, I embarked on a fascinating journey to create a logo for a life coach who calls himself “The Camel Driver.” This project not only pushed my creative boundaries but also […]

RIJK, Logo design

As a designer, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a complete corporate identity redesign come to life. I’m thrilled to share my recent work for Stichting RIJK, where I had the opportunity to revamp everything from their logo to their website and email signatures. The Design Brief:The client’s requirements for the new logo were […]

Klimaatgesprekken Flyer and Banner

Over time, I’ve been working with the Dutch branch of  Carbon Conversations known as Klimaatgesprekken. Noticing their branding was inconsistent, I took the initiative to create a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide covers six essential elements: The Story, Logo, Colors, Typography, Images, and Tone of Voice. After thorough discussions, we compiled this guide, which […]

Conversation Cycle Infographic

gesprekken cyclus nologo

For a college in Amsterdam I designed this conversation cycle. This cycle is being used to explain the way management converses with their staff. The idea is that this cycle would enhance quality over time.