Roc Top a chat about the future

ROC TOP chat

For ROC-TOP, a big school in the Amsterdam region, I made this video. This video presented the conclusion of a big meeting at this school. In this video the Head of ROC-TOP dicusses with an embodiement of the school, the future of that school. ROC TOP: EEN CHAT over de toekomst from Dimitry Berg – […]

All of Bach

All of Bach Bumper

For the Dutch Bach Society I made this bumper for their project called ‘All of Bach‘. With this project they will record on video all of Bach’s works. This bumper will be played as an intro on those video’s. In the briefing the Dutch Bach Society wanted to show that different musicians make Bach come […]

“De innerlijke bevrijding” Animation

I made an animation for the spiritual coach Arjen Slijp. Arjen has developed a method called “De Innerlijke Bevrijding”, which means “Inner Liberation”. He has described this method in his book. In addition, he regularly makes videos in which he tells about his method. He can use this animation as an opening for his YouTube […]

Velo Vintage Logo Animation

velo vintage intro wheel

For Velo Vintage I made this logo animation. Velo Vintage is a company that refurbishes classic road bikes and gives them a whole new vintage look. So they are vintage and new at the same time …! The owner of Velo Vintage is also a photographer and regularly makes videos on Youtube in which he […]