The Amsterdam Canal Dragon

Amsterdam Canal Dragon

This is my application for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020.

What is slumbering there in the Canals of Amsterdam?

An unforeseen consequence: The dragon has been awoken. Rumors of his existence were always there. Spotty pictures of a white water beast emerged sporadically. Most people claimed it was an urban legend. But now everyone must face the truth. It is out there, in full glory. A lot is unknown about this creature. Is it a force of evil or a force of good? Maybe it just wants to be kept alone. Maybe it just wants some peace and quiet. But whatever it awoke…it will probably face his wrath.

Dragons are mythical beasts that can be bringer of evil or bringer of good.

Dragons are true disrupters. In western culture dragons have to be dealt with or they will destroy cities and castles. In eastern culture dragons are bringers of luck and richdom. This canal dragon is half above water and half submerged. He appears because his house is disrupted too many times lately. The disrupter is disrupted. 

This big water dragon will make visitors smile.

The water dragon has a non-threatening appeal. The red beak and the big spherical eyes makes it cuddly and clownish. Its large appearance impresses people and lets children and adults alike fantasize about the possibilities of the dragon being alive. The head of the dragon will be pointed towards the passing boats. It seems that the dragon is watching inside the passing boats… maybe looking for someone to kiss…or eat.

Half tubes with white light from the inside on a submerged platform.

On a floating platform six half round acrylic tubes will be mounted. The platform and the tubes have to be carefully balanced to give the impression that the dragon emerges from the water. Inside the tubes a string of lights will be placed. The dimensions are approximately 25 meters in length and about 5 meters in width. Dimensions can be altered depending on location and technical feasibility. 

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