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I would happily make some artwork on commission. My artwork can be used as an illustration in a magazine, book or website.  Al my artwork is digitally made. It is made on my computer in a virtual 3d photo studio. I call my work often 3d artwork, because the virtual photo studio enables me to work in 3d space. This give a lot of flexibility in changing the scene. Objects can be placed in the scene with ease. Camera lenses and perspective can be changed in a second.

But maybe you have doubts about the costs of the works that I make. Like in most cases it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want.  The costs of a 3d artwork are determined by the following factors:

  • Man hours
  • Purchases and/or creation of assets
  • Cost of software
  • Cost of hardware
  • Render time
  • Complexity

The man hours that it takes to make a good 3d artwork are of course the basis for a good cost indication. My rate is about 75 euro per hour, but if I’m very honest, it often comes down to half in practice. It is usually my pursuit of perfection and looking for new perspectives that usually leave more hours than is actually budgeted. Of course there are of course also hours to get acquainted with you, to make a quotation and hours for revision that are usually more than budgeted.

The purchase of assets can also increase the cost of a 3d artwork. Working with 3D software means that you have a very advanced photo studio in your computer. In this photo studio you place assets and objects that will eventually form the 3d artwork. I can make these objects myself (takes a lot of time) or I can buy them (costs less time but money).

The costs of the software should also not be underestimated. A start investment of around 4000 euro and annual updates of around 2000 euro are really only the beginning. For each 3d artwork you have at least 100, – euro of software costs.

In addition, there are also hardware costs. A decent computer certainly costs around 1500 euros per year.

Then there is also the rendering time. With rendering, the computer calculates what the final 3D illustration will look like. It briefly comes down to the fact that all objects in the image reflect and/or block light particles. The computer calculates how the light particles spread and how the camera registers that. This rendering can take hours at large resolutions. The power consumption of rendering is comparable with a descent vacuum cleaner that is then on for a few hours in a row.

Eventually, as the complexity increases the factors stated above increase as well. The start for making a good 3d artwork is of course a briefing or an idea. The briefing indicates the message of the 3d artwork. Of course, the complexity is also discussed here. The more details, the more organic material (people, nature), the more objects the more complex the 3D artwork becomes. This complexity translates directly into man hours, buying objects and render time.

Eventually a 3d illustration starts somewhere between 300, – and 450, – euro, that is taking into account the factors mentioned above.

So if you need a 3d artwork, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will make art that suits you needs.


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