The Reason Why I’m Ditching ChatGPT for a while!

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I recently canceled my ChatGPT subscription, which I had since February 2023, and I plan to use it much less going forward. There are three main reasons behind my decision to stop using ChatGPT and to no longer financially support OpenAI.

Better alternatives?

Firstly, two excellent alternatives have emerged in the market: and Claude, in my opinion, delivers results that are on par with or even superior to ChatGPT in terms of general knowledge, text writing, and programming. Furthermore, I now use for more research-oriented applications, as it excels at source research and provides a solid foundation for reliable AI-assisted investigations. Surprisingly, I find that the new version of ChatGPT, version 4o, is a step backwards compared to its predecessor.

Free is an option

Secondly, for many users, the free versions of AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Perplexity are sufficient. Although there are often limitations on usage, a subscription is not necessary for occasional use.

Lastly, I have lost trust in OpenAI. As someone who closely follows the company’s developments, I was alarmed by the recent disbandment of their entire superalignment team, which was responsible for ensuring the safety of the AI developed within OpenAI and preventing it from posing a danger to humanity. Moreover, OpenAI’s decision to appoint the former head of the NSA intelligence agency to its board of directors this week raises concerns about the intersection of AI and espionage. Recent developments suggest that the company is prioritizing commercial gain over responsible AI development.

In conclusion, I feel much more comfortable using alternative AI tools that better align with my needs and values regarding responsible AI. While ChatGPT has certainly had its merits, the rapid advancements in the AI world have given rise to better options. What are your thoughts on this? Are you considering making the switch as well?


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