Velo Vintage Logo Animation

velo vintage intro wheel

For Velo Vintage I made this logo animation. Velo Vintage is a company that refurbishes classic road bikes and gives them a whole new vintage look. So they are vintage and new at the same time …! The owner of Velo Vintage is also a photographer and regularly makes videos on Youtube in which he explains how to give a classic bike a new life. He therefore uses this logo animation to introduce his videos.

The idea behind this logo animation is that the bike rides through a landscape and, as it were, reveals the logo of Velo Vintage. The logo animation therefore consists of three parts. First there is the introduction of the story. The wheel through the landscape bike. Then there is the unveiling of the logo. Finally, the text of the logo is legible. The viewer gets the chance to take the logo in. The music is therefore adapted to those three parts.


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