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About a decade ago, I purchased the domain name weerkalender.nl (weather calendar), envisioning a simple yet stylish weather website. Despite discussions with programmers to bring this idea to life, I soon realized that as a commercial product, it wasn’t particularly viable. After all, weather information is now freely available on countless phones, apps, and news websites.

The domain lay dormant until recently when I wondered if I could breathe new life into it using Claude.ai. To my surprise and delight, the result was a fully functional website! Users can now view weather forecasts for the next 24 hours and up to 8 days in advance, with the option to set preferences for up to six cities in easy-to-navigate tabs.

What’s truly remarkable is how Claude.ai empowered someone like me, with only basic programming knowledge, to create a Minimal Viable Product. The process wasn’t instantaneous; it began with basic functionality that we gradually expanded and refined through numerous iterations and testing cycles.

I’m excited about the potential of weerkalender.nl and would love to hear your suggestions for further improvements. What features would you like to see added or enhanced?

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