What’s up with that?

I always find the question ‘What’s up?’ strange. Since I am not a native English speaker I wonder ‘Up where?’. So I almost think of things that are looking up. Well a dirty mind is a joy forever the say, so in a split second there are some body parts than can look up as well. And everybody knows what Bugs Bunny’s most famous opening sentence is. Combining those two I came up with this advertisment for a famous blue pill. I am not going to mention the name of the blue pill in this post because I wonder what Google will think of  that and drop my search results somewhere on page 150.

In my research for blue pill advertisements there were a lot of funny (and boring) pictures. But unlike Hugo boss, Pfizer (the parent company of the blue pills) really doesn’t have a straightforward brand design. I think it is every country for themselves here.

For me it was also a way to practice pixel art. Which is very fun to do. Shades are the most difficult but I am satisfied enough to show it to the world.

Update:  I made another one, this time with a reference to the famous Larry game. The first game I ever played on a pc. I also updated the bunny one with a white background for the text in the balloon.

advertisement viagra with bunny. what's up doc

Leisure suit Larry Viagra Advertisement

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