Zen Posters

I meditate on and off for about 10 years now. The last 3 years almost daily with an occasional break when I am on vacation. Meditation keeps me more focused, calm, open minded and more in tune with my own emotions and needs. I am not into any specific tradition but most literature I have read are from Zen masters. While I like the books, I am not so keen on traditions and rituals. For me it is more a meditation ‘workout’ without all the tea ceremonies, chanting and other rituals that will try to bound you into a specific tradition. I think meditation can be beneficial for almost everyone, so it is a product that must be sold. That is why I made some Zen Posters to sell Zen and meditating.

On a sidenote: I see that Zen, Buddha, Yoga and meditation are abused and misused by a lot of marketeers worldwide. There are so many products which are labeled with Zen like capabilities. Zen has become a metaphor for minimalism and relaxation. I have mixed feelings about this tendency. It is a free world and the usage of the word ‘Zen’ is up to anyone who want to use that metaphor. But for me Zen and meditation is about an inner search that moves away from consumerism. In a sense the usage of Zen for consumer products is a paradox, and that is something which is totally Zen.

I like this one best, has some humor and would probably work good on a street. 

This one can be seen in two ways: A ball dropping in the water or a rising sun.

Working with an image of someone meditating because images work better than words.

I like this one because of the painted slide, it has movement. The www.zen.nl is subtle in the corner.

Most conceptual poster, the counting down to an empty mind.

I also made one with a thought cloud which is more obvious. But I like this one better.

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